Less of Me More of Him: A Mission Trip Devotional Journal


“He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30)

When John stepped aside to give Jesus center stage, he was saying in effect, “My life is not about my popularity, power or success! My life is all about HIM, Jesus, the Savior of the world. He must become greater; I must become less.” The mission trip you are about to go on is less about you, and more about HIM. And you’ll have a great trip if you Become less self-centered and much more Christ-centered. May you discover in the days ahead that less is really more! Less of you will mean more of HIS peace, HIS generosity, HIS kindness, HIS humility, HIS courage, HIS unconditional love and grace. Your mission trip will be a life-changing experience if you will let yourself become more and more like Jesus Christ.

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Mission Journal Themes

PRE-TRIP THEMES / More of His PEACE   /   More of His THANKFULNESS   /   More of His OBEDIENCE   /   More of His DIRECTION   /   More of His PRAYER   /   More of His FAITH   /   More of His COURAGE

MISSION DAY THEMES / More of His WELCOME   /   More of His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE   /   More of His HUMILITY   /   More of His HELPFULNESS   /   More of His GRACE   /   More of His KINDNESS   /   More of His PATIENCE   /   More of His JOY   /   More of His GENTLENESS   /   More of His FORGIVENESS

POST-TRIP THEMES / More of His GENEROSITY   /   More of His SERVICE   /   More of His MISSION   /   More of His SIMPLICITY   /   More of His ABUNDANT LIFE   /   More of His SACRIFICE   /   More of His WISDOM

Mission Journal Review

After reviewing this journal, here’s what Pam wrote:
“I absolutely loved it. These are such wonderful, foundational concepts for Christian life. I pray that everyone who uses this journal will be transformed by the amazing power of the Holy Spirit working through all that you have done to create such a wonderful invitation to grow in faith. I truly loved the experience of walking through this journal!”

All TalkPoints journals feature the 7-10-7 format:

  • 7 days of devotionals before departure; up to 10 days of guided reflection at the mission site; 7 days of devotion after the trip
  • Useful for training and orientation before departure
  • Provides a guide for daily group debriefing
  • Lots of blank, open pages for personal writing and reflection
  • 64 full color pages and spiral bound for easy use and durability in the field
  • Only $8.50 (For mission organizations interested in a discount for bulk quantities, contact talkpoints@aol.com.)

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