Go Mad! Make a Difference: A Mission Trip Devotional Journal


And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. (Hebrews 13:16)

Hebrews 13:16 helps us to know what we can do to Make A Difference:

Go MAD by doing good!
Go MAD by sharing what you have and who you are with others!
Go MAD by sacrificing your time, talent and money!
Go MAD by pleasing God.

When we make a difference, we become different! And gradually we grow to be more and more like Jesus in the way we relate, love and serve. So, during your mission trip and for the rest of your life,

Go MAD and have a perfectly MAD mission trip!

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Mission Trip Devotional Journal Review

Here’s what Gayle Hotchkiss wrote: “We just returned last night from our High School mission trip to Guatemala and we used the “Why Not” journal.  I just want you to know that the team loved it and I think it’s the best one yet. It created many great conversations.To date we have used every journal you offer and started over for the Jr. high trip this year.  We will be looking at  “Go MAD” next year! Thanks for putting your heart and the heart of God into creating these journals.”

Devotional Themes

Pre-trip Themes   /   Go MAD — GO!   /   Go MAD — DO GOOD!   /   Go MAD — SHARE!   /   Go MAD — SACRIFICE!   /   Go MAD — PLEASE GOD!   /   Go MAD — RISK!   /   Go MAD — TRUST!

MAD Mission Day Themes   /   Go MAD — WELCOME!   /   Go MAD — BE YOURSELF!   /   Go MAD — SERVE!   /    Go MAD — LOVE!   /   Go MAD — BELIEVE!   /   Go MAD — DO JUSTICE!   /   Go MAD — LOVE MERCY (kindness)!   /   Go MAD — WALK HUMBLY!   /   Go MAD — FORGIVE!   /   Go MAD — PERSIST

Post-trip Themes   /   Go MAD — Be Thankful!   /   Go MAD — BEFRIEND!   /   Go MAD — CARE!   /   Go MAD — REJOICE!   /   Go MAD — GIVE!   /   Go MAD — DREAM!   /   Go MAD — SUCCEED!

Journal 7-10-7 Format

All TalkPoints journals feature the 7-10-7 format:

  • 7 days of devotionals before departure; up to 10 days of guided reflection at the mission site; 7 days of devotion after the trip
  • Useful for training and orientation before departure
  • Provides a guide for daily group debriefing
  • Lots of blank, open pages for personal writing and reflection
  • 64 full color pages and spiral bound for easy use and durability in the field
  • Only $8.50 (For mission organizations interested in a discount for bulk quantities, contact talkpoints@aol.com.)

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