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Mission Trip Journals

Enhance your mission trip experience!


Daily Debriefing Guide!

Builds team unity!


Devotionals before, during and after the trip!


A great resource for mission trip leaders!

Useful in training and orientation!


Affordable and durable in the field!


Introducing our Newest Mission Trip Journal!

Designed to Serve: It's In Our DNA

Deeper Reflection

Guided questions allow you to dig deeper into your thoughts and helps you put words to your experience.


At just $8.50, our mission trip journals are an affordable way for you to get the most from your mission trips.

Biblically Based

Reminds us of God’s love for all people and encourages us to share this love with one another.

Helps Trip Leaders

May be used as a training and orientation guide to help prepare your team/family for the mission trip ahead.

Welcome to Mission Trip Journals

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about the ways that mission trip journals can enhance your short-term mission trip experience. Our mission trip devotionals are designed for those wanting to fully experience the joy and gratitude that comes with serving others and contributing to their well-being. Here are just some of the benefits of using our mission trip devotional journals.

Guided Prompts for Deeper Reflection

All of our journals are written with guided questions that allow you to dig deeper into your thoughts and more accurately convey your experience. These prompts encourage self-reflection and promote creative thinking. In addition to the guided prompts, there are many blank, open pages for personal writing and reflection. View sample pages of our newest mission trip journal, Designed to Serve.

Biblically-Based Mission Journals

Each journal is based on a scripture verse that centers itself on the Bible and reminds us of God’s love for all people and God’s desire to encourage to share this love with one another. It reminds us that we are on this trip to share God’s love and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in helping one another. Each journal was written with love by Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson, who brings over 35 years of mission experience to his writing and work.

Daily Debriefing Guide

Each journal is equipped with a Daily Debriefing Guide, offering a time for participants to gather and share reflections and stories with each other. This serves as a valuable resource for mission trip leaders as they strive to create a sense of team unity and belonging among their group.

Devotionals for Before, During and After the Mission Trip

There are 24 themes within each devotional journal – 7 pre-trip devotionals, 10 on-site devotionals, and 7 post-trip devotionals. This 7-10-7 format serves as a tool to prepare for your trip before you leave, dig deeper while on your trip, and reflect on your trip when you return home.

Resources for Mission Trip Leaders

Mission trip leaders use our devotional journals as a training and orientation guide to help prepare their team for the trip ahead. It also serves as a daily debriefing guide to solicit sharing and nurture a sense of team and belonging. Prepare to Serve is a free leader’s devotional and planning guide to help you get the most from the mission trip journals. You can download a copy for free using this link: Prepare to Serve.

Affordably Priced

Our mission trip journals are economically priced at just $8.50 each. This price hasn’t changed in over 15 years. Ask us about our special discount for large orders by emailing

Quality Publication – Beautifully Designed

Our mission trip journals are beautifully designed while offering the durability necessary to be used in the field. They are crafted with a high-quality cover, many full-color pages, and finished in a spiral-bound notebook. With twelve mission trip devotional journals to choose from, you are sure to find one that speaks to you and your mission team.

It is my hope that you discover the life-changing power that a short-term mission trip can offer.

Your partner in mission,

Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson